By collecting our NFTs,

You Are Earning,

Next Level Crypto

Layered inherent Rarity and Scarcity

Our Rare (and above) level NFTs have a variety of attributes that add extra Scarcity and Rarity. Meta Probability (probability within probability), coupled with Crafting, Leveling up and white listing requirements keep the access and supply of our most special Collectibles to a minimum.

Deflationary Mechanics

Incentivized Deflationary mechanics always keep the supply of our collectibles under control. Common collectibles are Burned to create rare ones. Rare collectibles are burned to create Epic and so on. You can only find Ultra rare ones and that’s where the insanely rare (1 of 1) are.ย 

Play to Earn with Massive Rewards

Play to Earn Dropping real Soon. The more points you collect with Hushwink collectibles, the more you are rewarded. Yield Rare and exclusive NFTs, Earn Crypto (aftermarket profit sharing), Access to Giveaways, merch (and more!)… all from collecting Hushwink Collectibles. With the ability to bridge your WAX to Ether, collecting our NFTs becomes a legit investment. ๐Ÿ’–

Free to Play

NFTs from all our collections may be found scattered throughout our free promo packs. This means that there is an equal opportunity for everyone to play, have fun and earn while collecting HushWink Collectibles. Follow us on Twitter or Join our Telegram or Discord to always know when the next free promo pack drop is.

A Culture of Philanthropy

What did we say? We Love giving and we are people first. We are committed to deploying our Community Support and Scholarship program (more info coming soon), funded by aftermarket sales across all our collections.

HUWI Token

The HUWI Token will allow you to purchase Packs, Merch (IRL Noodies), Virtual Event Tickets (VR Events), Music, Series, Games and more (sounds like a lot I know, but we have a lot in the works).ย  Huwi is tethered to the shared common Value of Entertainment, Community, Art, Fun and forward thinking Tokenomics. If you Value these things and believe that others do too then HUWI is certainly the coin for you.

Seasonal Limited Runs & Editions

Our collections are distributed for a limited time, and refreshed through episodic Drops, ensuring that each season runs with a limited supply, yet allowing for a constant fresh supply of collectibles (ensuring longevity).

All About Market Cap

Our broad base or โ€œcommonโ€ NFT collectibles are purposefully designed to be traded at a critical mass, allowing for a stable and consistent trading volume, without devaluing other classes of Rare Hushwink NFTs.ย 

Ice Cream Drops

We Drip Drop our Packs (pre minted) and NFT collectibles in micro bursts over an extended period of time across multiple time zones ensuring equal opportunity for our Fans to collect their favorite, HushWink Collectibles and crafting tools. Whitelist requirements and other gate keepers try filter the bots. Join our Telegram to never miss out.

Roadmap Ahead

Summertime Launch Event

Launch Hushwink with Noodies and Varietas Collections. Our summertime event includes airdrops, giveaways and more! Sales will Kickstart later phases and fund further development of our collections and technologies.

Implement Leaderboards, Dapp v1.

Implement Leaderboards and other fundamental features on HushWink

Play to Earn

Deploy: Holder (points) Rewards, Staking features, Yield Rewards and Profit sharing protocols for qualified collectors.

Season 1 Finale for Varietas

The official close out of Varietas, Season one.

Epic Collection Launch Event

Launch our next Colletion (more info coming soon)

In Game Token HUWI

Deploy our, in development, Hushwink Token HUWI. HUWI can be used to purchase or access a ton of great HushWink NFTs, Merch, Games, access events and More!

HushWink IRL

Launch our Noodie Apparel. Only available for purchase with HUWI

Grants and Scholarships

Launch our Grants and Scholarships program, where proceeds from our sales go to qualified selected recipients to further fund community or educational activities.

More after that?

  • Launch our Youtube Channel
  • Launch Our first Hushwink collectible game.
  • and more! We are just getting started!

We Are Here,

For the Long Haul

To find out more about who we are you are invited to check out our About Us page