So Who Are We?

HushWink Studios are Located in Sunny (sometimes warm) Canada. We are a boutique team of hard working lunatics that Love Art, Technology, People and most of all having a great time while enjoying our time on this beautiful planet.

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A Crazy bunch of Lunatics

HushWink is the Brainchild of Technology’s Tristan Cezair. Tristan is a Creative professional with almost 2 decades worth of making cool stuff including Virtual Reality Games, Virtual Humans, Award Winning Films and a lustrous career in Visual Effects and Graphic Design.

His experience and passion for the Arts, Technology, Diversity and Freedom, and an extensive career in Digital Media working with the Brands you know and Love, is what has primed him to be the ultimate leader of the ultimate Crypto Collectibles Company.

Quality Over Quantity

Some Recent Milestones.

Executive Produced Virtual Reality Game, Dark Threads

Trustan Cezair is an Executive Producer and Creative Director of the VR sci-fi drama Dark Threads, a fully interactive experience that allows gamers to embark on a fantastical journey of consciousness; featuring Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan, and Battlestar Galacticaโ€™s Kandyse McClure. Read more…


Award Winning Film Maker

Award winning film maker including an Academy Award (Canadian Screen Award) for the Film “A Curious Mind”, an exploration on the thinness of being; an experience made for 360 Virtual Reality. Tristan has also premiered Films in Cannes and has presented on Film Making at a Variety of Conferences including Sundance, NAB, SXSW, VRLA and VRTO.

Academy Websiteย 

Technology Pioneer

recipient of Various Digital Media Technology Research Grants for digital content. Recently recognized for his continued work in pioneering Digital media by the learning Lab at the American Nation Computer History Museum.

Active Industry Professional Executive

Tristan is constantly evolving his creativity and vision being the Senior Creative and Technical Director at Cream Productions, the Canadian production company behind series including CNNโ€™sย The Story of Late Night and Netflix’s Age of Samurai to name a few.

Cream Productions

Award Winning Creative.

Tristan is an award winning Creative for his Visual Effects, animation and Graphic design Work, including a Gold W3 recognizing Industry excellence in Digital Content. His most recent Project is a multi National touring Immersive Projection mapping experience Entitled Salome, coming to an immersive screen near you.

“Hey guys and Gals (and everyone else). I just wanted to say that we are ready to bring you the most fun, jaw dropping, valuable collectible experiences that you can find on any blockchain. We are here for the long term and can’t wait to unveil what we have currently in the works.. this is our moment.. it has been 2 decades in the making.”

Thank you for checking us out.๐Ÿ’–